About us

Sedar PLC in Międzyrzec Podlaski was created in 1989 as a result of transforming Poultry and Egg Plant that had existed since 1949. The capital stock of Sedar PLC amounts to over 1.5 million zlotys. The main shareholder of the company is Siedleckie Zakłady Drobiarskie "Drosed" S.A. having 100% shares.

Sedar PLC has a very big productive potential. It has a complex, technological line of poultry production and processing which includes: two hatching plants, slaughtering and cooling poultry divisions, as well as down and meat poultry processing divisions. Slaughtering division was completed in line of air cooling poultry, adjusting technology to European Union Standards. An annual production amounts to about 9.000 tons of poultry. The company has its own cold storage plants of very high parameters.

In 1991, complete and technological line for down processing was bought from German firm LORCH. Received from geese and ducks down is automatically washed and then, in dependence on the down quality segregated. Down is very precisely tested before marketing. Thanks to it, down from our company is widely known also abroad.

Poultry production is based on close cooperation with breeders with whom Sedar PLC entered into contracts. The company has two poultry hatching plants, providing chicks according to breeders' needs, who deliver products for processing. This kind of activity ensures product's monitoring at every stage of its processing, beginning from one-day chicks.